The Real “Bad Chick”

Everybody wants a “bad chick,” & most girls want to be a bad chick. My question is, what defines a bad chick? Society sees a bad chick as a woman with a fat booty, pretty face, & long hair. Nothing else is considered. I have a problem with this analysis. From a young age, I have been conditioned by hip hop culture to always search for the most beautiful girl I could find with the biggest booty I could find. Nothing else matters, as long as she’s bad. I’m now 27 & have finally realized that many of these so called bad chicks have no clue when it comes to being a wife. Most of them dont have anything to offer but sex & looking good on your arm. She strokes your ego but not your spirit. A pretty face & a big booty will only last so long. My former way of thinking is so dangerous & destructive. I’ve learned that If you want a marriage that will last forever, you’ve got to marry a woman with a beautiful soul. You’ve got to marry morals & values, not hips & lips. The real “bad chick” is a woman of God, she’s smart, educated, & serves the Lord. She’s a worshipper, she draws her identity from Christ, not facebook likes, she knows her worth, we have deep intellectual conversations that stimulate me mentally. She makes me want to be a better man. She’s my better half, She’s a go getter, can hold things down financially if ever needed to, she knows how to pray for me, she hears from God, she’s anointed & understands that with her words she can either propel me to unimaginable heights or tear me down to the lowest of lows. She makes me feel like i can accomplish anything in the world because I have her by my side. She protects me, she’s affectionate, nurturing & love’s to cook & feed her family. We can grow spiritually together, she’s not lazy, she’s my peace, she makes life easier for me. She makes sure that I never have to question her faithfulness. That’s the real BAD CHICK!!! When I see her, I see Jesus.

Submit To Him

Preach Woman of God

Sincerely Rhapsody


Submission. When many people hear or read that word they often have a negative thought in their mind, but I find it beautiful in the right context. When we submit to God we are letting go of our old viewpoint and our own agendas to come under His. We have full confidence that He will lead us in the right direction (Proverbs 3:5-6). Whether you’re a new believer or you’ve been walking with Christ for years submitting to God’s will is such an important part of your journey. Now, I won’t say that its easy because if we’re honest we often want to be in control of everything, at least I know that I do. But when you know that the Father wants nothing but good things for your life you will begin to realize how much your life changes.

Submitting to God now is also important for other areas in…

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Stay Ready & You Won’t Have To Get Ready

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Sincerely Rhapsody


I’ve had a variety of jobs in different industries. Although these jobs were all different one thing was always consistent. I would walk into work one morning and all the supervisors or managers would be in panic mode. I would hear over and over “Corporate is coming!” No matter how many times I’ve watched this scenario play out, I always laugh because all of a sudden everyone wants to appear as if excellence is in the DNA of the company and that they’ve been prepared. This got me to thinking why do we wait until the moment something happens to prepare ourselves?

When you’re standing at the altar about to be married, you don’t automatically become a wife or husband in that moment, you should have been preparing before then by reading books on marriage, studying other married couples, living a life that a future husband or wife would be proud of.


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